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Our Mission

Through a core value of Respect, we aim to inspire and motivate the youth of today, not only to develop their skills on the field, but develop the mindset of a confident and motivated individual. A club that will offer and create a safe learning environment for its members, with a variety of opportunities that focuses on the development of a player. To inspire a passion and love for the beautiful game of soccer, through a positive mindset, and respect for our opponents and teammates.


Our Values

Our values as a club will stand strong alongside Respect, Honesty, Sportsmanship, Nutrition & Education. Holding our organization to a level that will be viewed as a leader in the community that holds its members accountable, not only in their actions on the field but in our daily lives. We must demonstrate an elite expectation of our governing officers. Operating with respect and in accordance to the guidelines and regulations set out by all governing districts in which we reside, hold membership and compete within. Every person has an opportunity to experience great things in their life, be respected through it and acknowledged in the process. Respect, Honesty, Inclusion, Unity will be the pillars of the Barrie Cardinals CDF.


To become a unique and memorable club that through a “professional made fun’’ training program will include soccer for a variety of ages, genders and all ethnicities.Programs from house league, recreational, developmental, and competitive levels. To be an organization that is viewed as a true inspiration for its members and have a love for the game that will last for many years to come!

As a member of this district and community, we commit to build relationships and work alongside our municipalities, local businesses, charities, & school boards to promote and enhance the growth of the sport within Barrie and establish our connection as community motivators and builders. We Aim to create a sense of belief in our members,  bringing joy and creating positive memories for the youth. All for the kids!

Cardinals Fly Together

2024 Summer PROGRAMS


Summer 2024


Registration link is still open to all. 
Summer Semester begins May 7, 2024.

Monday - 2010 - 2014 Boys & Girls
First Mond
ay: May 13 2024
Eastview Community Park - 453 Grove Street E
5:00pm U11-U14 (2010-2014) Girls Training 
6:15pm U11 (2013/14) Boys Training
7:30-9:00pm U13/U14 (2010-2012) Boys Training

Tuesday -  2015 - 2020 Boys & Girls

First Day: May 7 2024
1. Eastview Community Park - 453 Grove Street E
6:20pm U14 Boys Game Night

2. Elizabeth Park - 60 Elizabeth Street
pm U3-U7 (2017-2021) Girls Mini
5:15pm U3-U7 (2017-2021) Boys Mini
6:15pm U8-U9 (2015-2016) Girls
6:15pm U8-U9 (2015-2016) Boys


Wed - 2010 - 2014 Boys & Girls 

First Wednesday: May 8 2024
Livingstone Park - 130 Livingstone Sreet W
5:00pm U11-U14 (2010-2014) Girls Training
5:00pm U11 (2013/14) Boys Training

5:30pm U9 (2015/16) Boys Game Night
6:35pm U13 (2011/12) Boys Game Night

Thursday - 2015 - 2020 Boys & Girls
First Thursday: May 9 2024
1. Eastview Community Park - 453 Grove Street E 

5:30pm U13/U14 (2010/2011) Boys Training
6:35pm U11 (2013/14) Boys Game Night

2. Elizabeth Park - 60 Elizabeth Street
5:15pm U3-U7 (2017-2021) Girls Mini
5:15pm U3-U7 (2017-2021) Boys Mini
6:15pm U8-U9 (2015-2016) Girls
6:15pm U8-U9 (2015-2016) Boys

Click Summer 2024 Info tab for more details!

Saturday - Cardinal House League

House league games will be held on May 25, June 15, July 6, July 13 & Aug 10. Potential Location Allandale Heights Elementary School.

Summer Camp Dates (Cardinals Nest)

July 8-12

July 22-26

Aug 12-16


**Players are off training on all statutory holidays.


Please note that your child's training time will be assigned within the three hour window. all scheduling details will be out to all families by April 7, 2024.


Cardinal keeping you informed!


We would like to give the City of Barrie a heads up that our registration window will open up in 10 days! The count down is on and we are excited to continue our growth within this beautiful city!

It is important for you to know that the Cardinals are here for ALL your soccer, athletic and development goals. 

The Cardinals welcome all house league seasonal families that wanted to enjoy their little one running around, staying active, having a fun time, and with no pressure! Then this is the spot for you to get the most out of your summer! 


We are also a highly competitive club, with programs that are motivating for the young aspiring boy and girl that wish to one day play professional! It is good to know from the beginning that this program is competitive and a responsibility to the athlete and family.


Our coaches have experienced both the professional and amateur side of Futbol and our goal is to help everyone grow within the beautiful game!

We believe that all children are able to learn the game. 

Please let us know in your inquiries which Cardinal route you feel fits you best and together we can put a plan in motion. 

"We are thankful and humbled for the growth we have experienced thus far, but we are EXCITED for what the future has in store for the Cardinal Family! 

Believe us when we say, "you do not want to miss out!

Discipline & Commitment are a PILLAR that will reflect the growth of our organization and direction. Attendance is Essential for the well being of our teams.


BARRIE! WE love our city!!!

BARRIE! WE love our city!!!


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