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Our Mission

Through a core value of Respect, we aim to inspire and motivate the youth of today, to not only develop their skills on the field, but develop the mindset of a confident and motivated individual. A club that will offer and create a safe learning environment for its members, with a variety of opportunities that focuses on the development of a player. To inspire a passion and love for the beautiful game of soccer, through a positive mindset, and respect for our opponents and teammates.



To become a unique and memorable club that through a “professional made fun’’ training program. A program that will include soccer for a variety of ages, genders and all ethnicities with programs from house league, recreational, developmental, and competitive levels. To be an organization that is viewed as a true inspiration for its members leading forward into their lives and have a love for the game that will last for many years to come!

As a member of this district and community, we commit to build relationships and work alongside our municipalities, local businesses, charities, & school boards to promote and enhance the growth of the sport within Barrie and establish our connection as community motivators and builders. Creating that sense of belief in our future events, that brings joy and the creation of positive memories for the youth. All for the kids!

Our Values

Our values as a club will stand strong alongside Respect, Honesty, Sportsmanship, Nutrition, & Education. Holding our organization to a level that will be viewed as a leader in the community that holds its members accountable, not only in their actions on the field but in our daily lives. We must demonstrate an elite expectation of our governing officers. Operating with respect and in accordance to the guidelines and regulations set out by all governing districts in which we reside, hold membership and compete within. Every person has an opportunity to experience great things in their life, be respected through it and acknowledged in the process. Respect, Honesty, Inclusion, Unity will be the pillars of the Barrie Cardinals CDF.

Program Details



Outdoor Soccer


Expected to begin week of May 8 up until the final week of August 2023.

Monday- Peggy Hill Rec Centre  - 171 Mapleton Ave

2010-2014 Boys/Girls 6:00pm - 7:10pm  

Tuesday - Ferris Lane Community Church -

49 Ferris Ln

2015 - 2019 Boys/Girls 6:10pm - 7:10pm

2020 Boys/Girls  5:00pm - 5:55pm

Wednesday - Location TBD   

2010 - 2014 Boys/Girls - 6:00pm - 7:10pm

Thursday -   Ferris Lane Community Church - 

49   Ferris Ln

2015 - 2019 Boys/Girls 6:10pm - 7:10pm

2020 Boys/Girls 5:00pm - 5:55pm

Summer Camp - Location TBD

July 10 - 14 

League Games and Festival dates will be confirmed soon.

**Players are off training on all statutory holidays.

Discipline & Commitment are a PILLAR that will reflect the growth of our organization and it's direction. Attendance is Essential for the well being of our teams.

Complete the online registration 
through the link below on 
sports engine, we will be in touch with you shortly afterwards


Summer 2023




Our House League and Competitive Preparation programs will offer 2 sessions per week,  that will provide a high intensity developmental training,  as well as games built into each session.

Development is the focus in our program as we aim to be a part of various festivals, tournaments and events.

The Cardinals elite program will also serve as a tool, to create the exposure needed for these young athletes, and to enhance the quality of your childs experience. 


Click  the "Register Now" tab below, and complete it all online. A member of our administration will be in touch with you soon!

Start date expected to be Week of May 8

Last week of August is when the season ends

SUMMER CAMP DATE is July 10 - 14


Complete the online registration through the link below on sports engine, we will be in touch with you shortly afterwards


BARRIE! WE love our city!!!

BARRIE! WE love our city!!!

meet the team

David Guzman_54.jpeg


As many of you may have already noticed,  it is safe to say that soccer is a passion for "Coach Guz". David, grew up in the Keele & Eglinton area, played around various countries through the game of futbol and now resides with his wife Amy, and two children Toryne and Savannah. Coach Guz expresses his gratitude and appreciation for the experiences he had in combination with the beautiful game.  

"I am very fortunate for the experiences I've had in my life in result of my dedication to Soccer. Being able to do many things, respresent my country at a young age, playing against some of the best youth in the world, receive a DIv 1 scholarship to a top university in the US, play for TFC in their first year of existence! it was amazing, I am very blessed. But you know, you can never guarantee anything as a coach, but this is why we created the Barrie Cardinals, in hopes that with our experiences we can inspire, motivate and guide the youth of our city and beyond, to grow into amazing young adults!"

Some of Coach Guzman's Achievements

 Very First Youth Club's, Academia North York (Saul Varela) Atletico Nacional(Francisco Cano), Academia Argentina (Carlos Quiroga), Osai Colo-Colo - El Popular

Set a League Record of 69 goals in one season, that stood untouched for MANY years. The league is currently known as DHSL, but Coach David strongly believes this is one of the best places for kids to get their tekkers up!

Dixie Strikers U-13 - U17 - OSL, CSL

Multiple Ontario Cup Championships (indoor and outdoor)

Tournaments like the Robbie Cup, different club showcases, the Nike Cup, Disney Cup.

Travelled constantly in this time to tournaments in the states.

Team Ontario U13 - U16

Competed in two national championship games, winning one in his own age group against Quebec 4-1 and the following year playing a year up, lost in the finals to Quebec in "Golden Goal" 2-1. 

Canadian National Team U-13 - U-23

Having an opportunity to represent your country at any age is an honor. Coach David played in approximate 40-50 matches for Canada. In various countries like Germany, England, Panama, Cuba, USA, Portugal, Spain, Peru, Northern Ireland. 


 University of Louisville  U18 - U21 NCAA Division 1

Coach David joined the Cardinal family in 2004 on a full scholarship. He led his team in point the three seasons he played. some of the accolades he accumulated in his time were:

- 2004,2005,2006 Leader in Points

- Conference USA All Freshman Team

- Conference USA All Third Team

- Big East First Team x2

- All Great Lakes Region Second Team

- All Great Lakes Region First Team x2

- Athletic Directors Honor Roll

Toronto FC, Chicago Fire (MLS)

In the summer months of the academic year, the Louisville Cardinals Coach Lolla, set up for Coach David to be with the Fire in each off season. This was in connection with the Professional Development League in the US. After a few seasons and completion of his junior academic year, David Was signed by Toronto FC in their very first year of coming into the league. Coach David recorded 6 goals and 11 assists in the reserve league and appeared in a match against Portuguese giants, SL Benfica.



Alex vasquez

Cardinal Coach

Coach Alex has an extensive background and contribution to the game and the Cardinals are excited to have him a part of our family. Growing up, Alex played for Toronto Azzurri, where he experienced many championships with his team mates, who back then were coached by a legend, Carmine Isaaco. The Cardinals are happy to know that he, his wife and their 3 children are close by. Having returned to play this past summer, Alex showed he's still got the touch as he and his team won the gold medal in the Men's Division Ontario Cup, moving onto Canadian National Championships on the east coast, where his club, Vaughan Azzurri also took home a championship gold medal!


Jessica Barbosa

Head of Administration

I am an avid fitness & nutrition professional who is passionate about helping others become their best versions of themselves. I’m a natural caregiver at heart; whether that be simply holding a door open for a stranger or caring for patients in my former career as a healthcare worker. Now as a full-time stay at home-homeschooling mom I spend most of my time teaching and guiding my children, which has led me to believe that children learn best from experience and from their own natural curiosity about the world around them. It’s cliche but truly being a mother, teaching my children day to day, doing life together is exactly what God intended for me to do and I can not wait to naturally share my passions of health and fitness with other families within our community while creating lifelong relationships.


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Head of Development

Jessica Barbosa
Head Administrator

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