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Our Team.

Our Cardinals team is a dedicated and passionate group who volunteer and put in the time for the kids.  As we've continued to grow as a club, we've been blessed to have many incredible members of our community step up in such a big way.  We're excited to continue growing and build an incredible soccer community for the kids.

about our founder

david guzman

As many of you may have already noticed,  it's safe to say that soccer is a passion for "Coach Guz".  David grew up in the Keele & Eglinton area and played in various countries around the world as a professional. He now resides in Barrie with his wife Amy and two children, Toryne and Savannah. Coach Guz is incredibly grateful and appreciative for the opportunities and experiences he's had because of the beautiful game. 

"I am very fortunate for the experiences I've had in my life as a result of my dedication to soccer. Being able to represent my country at a young age, playing against some of the best youth in the world, receive a Division 1 scholarship to a top university in the US and play for TFC in their first year of existence! It was amazing! I am very blessed! This is why we created the Barrie Cardinals; in hopes that through our experience we can inspire, motivate and guide the youth of our city and beyond, to grow into amazing young adults!"

Click here to read some of Coach Guz' past accomplishments

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